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EDI Compliance

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Simplifying Operations & Reducing Overhead

This growing company, producing women’s knitwear, initially decided to handle all business operations in house, including their EDI processing. They were in a strong growth phase, experiencing major success with their product line, and needed more tools to support their operation. As part of their expansion, they invested over $ 75,000 to set up an ERP system from a well known software company, and used a consulting team to configure the software, and implement EDI for Wal-Mart and their other trading partners.

10730170Medium2Regrettably, while setting up the mapping and transaction processes for Wal-Mart, the expensive consultant lacked the compliance knowledge and experience to correctly build the shipping labels. This resulted in hefty chargebacks for each GTIN-14 (SCC-14) label they printed, and placed a tremendous strain on their relationship with Wal-Mart distribution and their buyer.

Spring Systems, as an approved Wal-Mart EDI provider, was able to step in and, within two weeks, save the replenishment order, re-test the EDI transactions, and salvage the rest of the shipping season!

Spring has subsequently become this vendor's preferred EDI service, so they now focus on doing what they do best: designing and selling clothes to the fashion markets. Now they have an EDI partner that works with them to grow their business—No Hardware, No Software, No Hassles.

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