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“Working with great people -- you can not have a successful business without surrounding yourself with smart, motivated and talented people. Know what you don’t know and be ok with the fact that those around you know more about certain areas of the business than you do.”

Reagan Moya–Jones
CEO & President
aden + anais


Supply Chain Partners

3PL Central

3PL Central is a company born of the real needs of third-party logistics providers. The unique requirements facing third party logistics companies are something they learned from years spent operating public warehouses.



Cressida Associates

Cressida Associates is proud to celebrate over 20 years of continuous customer service along with many exciting innovative technological advancements. Their roots began in 1985 with one customer and much anticipation and excitement. Over the years they have strengthened and grown with over 350 customers. Cressida has successfully developed into a group of expert professionals who hold a leading edge in the development and support of software with a specialty in the apparel industry. Their close relationships with their clients has included the installation of thousands of computers and systems, along with the writing and maintaining of over a million lines of computer code. They have also developed many enduring friendships throughout these years.



Sage Mas ERP

Your ERP system is the cornerstone of your business, and essential to your success. Sage can help you achieve your goals with a wide range of maintenance & support offerings, from knowledge bases to technical support to your own on-site experts, ready to assist you.



Summit Cloud

Summit Cloud provides suppliers and retailers with a competitive advantage by reducing sales administrative costs, increasing the velocity of reorders and inventory turn, as well as reducing the overhead for compliance. This enables increased profit margins and improved relationships with their customers - department, chain and specialty retailers.



Why Choosing Spring First is the Right Choice

An outerwear importer was struggling to process their EDI orders through a 3rd party EDI service provider. This particular service didn’t print labels for the client as an option; putting all the pressure on the company’s office staff.  The labels had to be made overseas at the factory level and the standard format to produce them was very labor intensive and at times the actual label data was incorrect. This caused all types of stress and delays.

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