Friday, November 22, 2019

Direct to Consumer (D2C) EDI

A reliable, efficient and flexible EDI provider, will be a key part of your successful D2C relationship. Spring Systems has the experience and is here to assist you in the process, not only with EDI but how to meet all of your retailers D2C compliance requirements.

Nordstrom, Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, just to name a few, are retailers that have their Spring Systems listed as a reccommended or approved provider for their .com vendors!!!

We have hundreds of retailers on our constantly expanding list of active retail trading partners. 

Contact our sales team today to review our time saving, efficient, D2C EDI option!

There is no disputing the tremendous growth of Direct to Consumer retailer or eCommerce. The combination of less cost, less risk, and the ease of adding new products are among the many advantages to the D2C channel for a retailer.

When a consumer orders a product online, the retailer can simply relay that order to the vendor, and have the vendor ship the order on their behalf.For the retailer there are none of the costs associated with inventory, handling and delivering the product.Instead of placing a large quantity of an unproven product in the store, the retailer can test it by placing it online and reviewing the sales.

A successful D2C relationship will have…

 1)  Strong Sales

 2)  Excellent Compliance Performance

 3)  Accurate & Timely Communication



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