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Web Self-Service "PortalApp"

Spring Systems has been providing tools and services to manage 100% of your EDI requirements for 20 years. PortalApp, our Web Self-Service EDI portal is the most intuitive and robust portal in the industry. PortalApp is automatically checking for your incoming orders, and other EDI transactions. When an order is received, you are notified immediately via email. Your transactions are secure and accessible in your PortalApp. No additional software is required — all you need is access to the internet.

Beyond receiving orders, PortalApp intuitively walks you through creating and printing your required shipping labels and sending your Advance Ship Notices and invoices. While other portals functionality ends here, PortalApp is just getting started. The many additional features of PortalApp include a catalog of your products and inventory module for your eCommerce business. Finally, a complete reporting section that enables you to create and customized reports covering, purchase orders, shipments, invoices, inventory and billing.

Another valuable component of PortalApp is how simple it is to integrate with your internal business systems, and your warehouse. Purchase orders can automatically be converted to a standard data format that’s easy to import into many back end systems. This service is automatic and provided at no extra charge. Contact us for more information and one of our representatives will respond immediately. That’s how a relationship is supposed to be.

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Full Service

If you don’t have a full time EDI department on staff, you need our Full Service Bureau EDI. You can call us for some quick advice, we’ll even do the work for you if you prefer. This full service solution is a great way to start learning about EDI. It’s all part of developing a relationship with us. While other providers are outsourcing their support teams, our Full Service Bureau is also our support team. That means there is always a knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone. Yes, we still answer the phone! 

Our team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to handle all your EDI needs. Best of all, you only pay for what you use. Feel free to make us an extension of your operational staff, or simply an overflow outlet during your busy season. Many of our customers start off using our Full Service EDI to learn the ins and outs of EDI, then taper down as they become more capable. Cutting costs along the way!

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Integrated Service

PortalApp can link your ERP and WMS with your EDI and webstore orders.   (ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning (system).  WMS = Warehouse Management System)

Inefficient operations can lead to complaints, delays, inaccuracies, high operational costs.  Multiply this a hundredfold with direct to consumer (D2C) shipping.  Low margin per order demands efficiency speed and accuracy.  Improve your operational efficiency and accuracy with our “Integrated Service”. 

PortalApp Integrated Services can link directly into other back end business and warehouse systems.   Transactions flow automatically between systems, from your retail customer into your company and off to other partners such as your third party warehouse (3PL).

Spring Systems provides a webservice API system with numerous endpoints query, send and/or receive your transactional data.  Endpoints include get order, send order, get shipment, send shipment, get invoice, send invoice, get inventory send inventory, etc.  Other transactions include inventory, product catalog, factory shipping/receiving and more.

While Webservice API is our preferred method of integration we also use file based approaches relying on AS2 and FTP for data transfer.

Our Webservice API can easily toggle between JSON and XML formats.  The Spring default data structure is provided out of the box but can also be customized to meet your system’s needs.   Other formats include EDI, XML, CSV, and custom delimited formats.

Spring Portalapp offers many pre-build integrations to various packaged systems and the ability to build more.   Just ask Integration man “...He can integrate with anything!” 


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Pay-Per-Order EDI Service

Pay-Per Order (PPO) is a four step process that enables a vendor to fulfill a retailers EDI compliance requirement without having to spend a lot of money or commit to long term contract.  There is no training required since our Full Service team of experts will take you step by step through the process from start to finish.  There are many advantages to Pay-Per Order, making it the most vendor friendly EDI option for vendors who are new to EDI or just ship a couple of times a year.

  • No Set Up Fees
  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Long Term Commitment

 You’ll be as EDI compliant as the biggest brands in retail!

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Direct to Consumer (D2C)

There is no disputing the tremendous growth of Direct to Consumer retailer or eCommerce. The combination of less cost, less risk, and the ease of adding new products are among the many advantages to the D2C channel for a retailer. When a consumer orders a product online, the retailer can simply relay that order to the vendor, and have the vendor ship the order on their behalf. For the retailer there are none of the costs associated with inventory, handling and delivering the product. Instead of placing a large quantity of an unproven product in the store, the retailer can test it by placing it online and reviewing the sales.

A reliable, efficient, and flexible EDI provider will be a key part of your successful D2C relationship. Spring Systems has the experience and expertise to assist you in the process, not only with EDI, but how to meet all of your retailers D2C compliance requirements. Nordstrom, Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, just to name a few, are retailers that have their Spring Systems listed as a recommended or approved provider for their .com vendors!!!

We have hundreds of retailers on our constantly expanding list of active retail trading partners. 



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Web Self-Service EDI Shipping Documents

Using the Web EDI offering, your shipping labels can be automatically printed right from your web browser on your office laser printer or remotely on your warehouse or factory’s thermal barcode printer. Feel confident with the knowledge that your labels are pre-approved to meet each of your retailer’s strict requirements.

Shipping documents can include GS1-128 and SCC-14 barcode shipping labels, packing lists, bills of lading and UPS consignee labels.

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Spring Tag & Label Printing Service

eSpring Tags & Labels Using your order data, the Spring Systems team can quickly produce your barcode hang tags, UPC price tickets and stickers. We even print care labels!

Every format is pre-approved to meet your retailer’s requirements. With our typical same day service, we will print and deliver your tags and stickers directly to you, your warehouse or your overseas factory. Each print job is checked for format compliance while the quality is confirmed using a barcode verifier. Your tags/stickers will be carefully counted and sorted prior to delivery (10% extra printed free of charge).

Looking for RFID?

We have a full range of RFID services also.  Learn more.

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Spring Product & UPC Management

eSpring Product & UPC Management Do you create and upload your own UPC’s? Would you like the tools or would you prefer your own team to take care of this for you? Flexibility – it comes with our relationship.

Our Web EDI service includes an easy-to-use tool to create your own UPC codes. It comes with no extra charge. So feel free to create and manage your own UPC catalog!

Or use our Spring Full Service Bureau. It couldn’t be easier. Simply send us your product information (e.g. style, color, size) and we’ll take care of the rest - from assigning a UPC code to uploading the UPC’s into an online catalog and notifying your customer. We commonly transmit data to Inovis, Intertrade, GXS, and even directly to your retailer.

More importantly, when you provide us with your UPC data, your purchase orders, labels and invoices will always have your style, color and size data clearly displayed. Say goodbye to trying to manually match a cryptic UPC code to the right product.

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Need RFID?

RFID tags are on the horizon! Wal-Mart has them out in full force, Macy’s mandated them, and now Saks is drawing plans. It won’t be long before every major retailer requires that RFID technology be incorporated into their labels & tags.

RFID presents strong benefits to both vendor and retailer. The technology offers the ability to identify items in a mixed shipment, provide real-time inventory tracking, and immediate theft notification. And when major retailers are focused on a new industry standard, there’s no getting away from implementation!

Are You Prepared?

Spring Systems is up and running with RFID solutions. Our experienced team is up to speed on the latest technology and requirements involved in producing RFID tags & labels, and we’re already in production with many clients.

Just like our other printing services, we offer:


When your customer starts asking for RFID, you should contact us. Allowing Spring Systems to be your RFID resource allows you to focus on what you do best, save money on wasted labels, and leverage our team to keep your staff focused on current operations.

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Spring Compliance Notification Services

eSpring Compliance Notification ServicesWould you like to be automatically notified if any of your trading partners change or update their requirements?

Is your warehouse aware of all the latest routing and packing rules?

Our operations teams continually monitor these guidelines and rules. By subscribing to our Compliance Notification Services, you can be sure that you will be notified when anything changes and that you will have access to the latest up-to-date information.

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Spring Chargeback Reduction

Are chargebacks hurting your business? Our aggressive professional response can help reduce any offsets that may occur.

eSpring Chargeback ReductionToday’s supplier compliance rules are very complex. Combine that with a complex supply chain and it is often very hard to determine where, when, and how a mistake was made. Spring Systems team of experts will dig through all the details and deliver a concise report on what actually happened and what went wrong (if anything). Best case, we are able to have your chargebacks reversed. Worst case, you have just presented a professional image to your customer (retailer) and you now have the information necessary to prevent the mistake from happening in the future. Chargeback Reduction and Prevention – an extremely important aspect of your relationship with us.

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Spring Supply Chain Consulting

Spring Systems Consulting Resources has over 20 years in supply chain experience. We understand the challenges in order fulfillment, logistics and strategic business partner workflow. eSpring ConsultingAs experts in trading partner compliance policies, procedures and shipping documents, we can help fine-tune and effectively improve your day-to-day workflow and stage the process in the proper sequence. This upfront pre-planning will eliminate delays and costly re-work giving you the tools to ship on time and cost effectively. It’s another important part of the Spring Systems relationship.

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Since 2002 we have provided a vital link between Retailers, Vendors and the many Trading Partners that make up the supply chain. Our unique combination of Web Self-Service, Full Service and Integrated Service enables us to provide solutions for any vendor no matter the size of their organization or budget.

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