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Modell & Comnpany

Modell & Comnpany, Inc 

Spring Systems provides a web based system, certified to meet Modell & Comnpany, Inc complex requirements. Our time saving Portalapp system improves your speed to market, helping build and maintain your professional reputation.  


We support the following core transactions:

  • 850 Purchase Orders
  • 856 Advance Ship Notice
  • 810 Invoices
  • GS1-128 / UCC-128 Shipping Labels


Additional tranactions include:

  • 753   Request for Routing Instructions
  • 754   Routing Instructions 
  • 812   Credit / Debit Adjustment 
  • 816   Organizational Relations Information 
  • 820   Payment Order / Remittance Advice 
  • 832   Price / Sales Catalog (UPC Manager) 


  • 846   Inventory Advice 
  • 852   Product Activity Data 
  • 855   Purchase Order Acknowledgement 
  • 860   Purchase Order Change 
  • 870   Order Status Report
  • 997   Functional Acknowledgement (FA)




Our Web Self Service offering has many time saving features, making it one of the easiest online transaction processing systems available.  Your time is valuable. Our affordable service will notify you via email of your orders. Simply go the PortalApp, print your labels, send shipping notifications and transmit invoices. This built in automation will save you time on your day-to- day processing so you can focus on growing your business. No software No hardware No hassles.Learn more

Full Service, if you don’t have full time shipping and bookkeeping staff, you can likely benefit from our Full Service offering. Our team is on call to do the work for you or just for some quick advice. This “white glove” full service solution is a great way to start learning about these complex retailer requirements. We will strive to build a relationship founded on reliability and consistency.  Learn more

170-webIntegrated Service, Spring Systems provides integration services for any of your business requirements, in a seamless process we can transfer and receive data in any format.  With our flexible web service API's you can easily and cost effectively implement an efficient solution. We connect to your warehouse, transfer business data to your accounting system and even create a gateway for your Supply Chain solution or 3rd party warehouse. Doing this we eliminate steps in your day-to-day workflow, and do away with human error that can really cost you. Learn more

Our Pay Per Order offering is an easy way and cost effective to put a toe in the water with a new or eseasonal retail relationship.  No setup fees and no monthly fees.  Just one flate rate per order and we do all the work.  all you need is an email account.  Learn more

Spring Systems has been providing solutions and services since 1996, giving the wholesale industry an effective, automated way of doing business with the major retail industry. The software as a service provided by Spring gives you an edge over the ever changing compliance requirements without the hassle of doing it yourself. Be compliant instantly using the steadfast and proven EDI transactions built into the service. We work with you hand in hand to ship your goods early, fast and with no hassle.


Since 2002 we have provided a vital link between Retailers, Vendors and the many Trading Partners that make up the supply chain. Our unique combination of Web Self-Service, Full Service and Integrated Service enables us to provide solutions for any vendor no matter the size of their organization or budget.

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